“Informed By Science” The Ultimate Phantasmagorical Fallacy Of Modern Newspeak To Discombobulate The Average Mind In The Age Of Mindless Conformity.

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the Gentle Spearman of the Tattooed Warriors at the Ford of the River Craw

Definition – Newspeak, the official language of the powers that be in the George Orwell novel 1984 used to indoctrinate and manipulate the populace!

Don’t you just love the phrase, “Informed By Science”? It sounds so precise in its expertise, so assured of its unwavering evidence, full of dependable reliability of the facts. It just sounds so right, so stable and, right now, so well used in the endless information war that is the Covid Pandemic and its multi-billion dollar, or is that multi-trillion, Holy Grail of Covid Solutions – the mRNA Vaccine.

It’s a phrase trotted out by the myriads of politicians, scientists, doctors, professors and their propaganda arm the news media as if the science is set in stone. Indeed science has taken on flesh and manifests itself through individuals like the conceited Dr Fauci, who has fabricated the fable that to criticise him is to criticise the science.

And so, governments everywhere have been building  –  castles in the air – on a foundation of informed science, science that is constantly changing, and constantly contradicting their stance on just about everything they deign to be informed about.

Nevertheless, they are fooling the world and fooling them very successfully at that. But it is self-deluding tomfoolery at best. They are like puppets on a string, all dancing to the pied piper’s tune of conformed consensus dictated to by a Pharmaceutical empire that is raking in the billions or trillions.

It is – follow the science on masks, follow the science on lockdowns, follow the science on alcohol bans, beach bans, travel bans, talking to your neighbours, even talking to your dog or even talking to yourself.

Yet the science will inform you that masks don’t work and wearing a mask out in the great outdoors is a scientific absurdity of the highest order. There is no science to lockdowns, other than the scientific certainty that it will destroy the economy and your mental wellbeing. None of it is science at all in a scientific sense except for the science of control and manipulation of populations for totalitarian ends.

Thus the world’s governments are following the science of dictatorships and will soon be dusting off the human cattle cars and concentration camps. This is not some vague conspiracy theory, they are openly saying it day after day.

And what of the science of these mRNA vaccines. Why are the vaccine manufacturers trying to hide the science behind these vaccines behind court requests to keep the information submitted to the FDA for approval of the vaccines SECRET for more than 55 years in the case of Pfizer. The courts said no and in the first batch are damning reports of thousands of deaths, hundreds of thousands of injuries in the first 90 days after the vaccine release.

The terrible fact is the informed science they are following is the science of profit and not health. They do not follow the science of statistics either. In 2020, when there were no vaccines the survival rate was around 99% on average. That is around one in one hundred who got the virus died. Most of this 1% who died did so of co-morbidities and not directly by the virus. 99% survived with either mild symptoms or managed to defeat even severe Illness and hospitalization.

In 2021, more people have died of covid related complications than in 2020, despite increasingly vaccinated populations. Yet the survival/death rate remains the same. On average 1% die and 99% survive. The vaccines, scientifically, whether statistically or medically has made no difference whatsoever. Yet the vaccine injury reporting systems in the USA, Britain and the EU have seen a very scientific spike in deaths and injuries from these vaccines running into the 1000% increase range from previous vaccines throughout the history of reporting such. No following or being informed by science is allowed using this scientific data.

But, don’t take my word for it, it is all publically available data and knowledge. But we are too bamboozled to even care anymore. It takes too much effort and the powers that be, know, that most of the human race will just bury their collective heads in the sand and not even bother to investigate their demise.

No, it is not science that is informing them. Real science is about the investigation and ruthless interrogation of the data to get at the truth and not blind compliance to hypothesised facts of a fanciful and fanatical reality. It is the politics of power and money and has nothing to do with health, but everything to do with wealth and control.

The slow train of disaster that has been coming for so long is now speeding up like a runaway freight train. When are you going to wake up from your slumbering ways? Open your blind eyes, you are not blind, just discombobulated – which means to throw into a state of mental uncertainty – in the age of mindless conformity. The choice is yours. You can believe the lies, or, you can start thinking for yourself and making up your mind based on sound and not pseudo-scientific principles.

Or you can plonk your head back in the sand and pretend.