US President Joe Biden To Cajole China’s Xi Jinping To Toe The Line In condemning Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine

    WASHINGTON – US President Joe Biden will warn his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on Friday that he will face “costs” if Beijing rescues fellow authoritarian ally Russia from intense Western sanctions aimed at punishing Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

    Good luck with that! Xi is a stalwart man of steely determination with not a trembling bone in his body and who walks stiff and proud. Good ole Joe stumbles around on weak knees and ankles, frequently forgets what he is saying. Man would I like to be a fly on the wall listening in to their 9 am telephone call.

    I remember Obama’s last visit to China in September 2016. China refused to provide a staircase for him to exit from the main door and he was forced to leave the plane by the small door in the ass of the plane, a humiliating insult to the leader of the free world. Thereafter on the tarmac, there was a heated exchange between the US and Chinese officials and one Chinese voice was heard shouting “this is our country, this is our airport” Obama certainly had a stiffer spine than ole Joe, so one can imagine the disdain Xi will have for the bumbling Biden.

    According to Biden’s chief propagandist Jen Psaki, it will give “an opportunity for President Biden to assess where President Xi stands.” Is the man able to assess anything other than the quality of his ice cream cone? One can only hope that he does not forget why he is calling! Oh yes, it’s going to be about “Trade Rows and Supply Chain Breakdowns” which should produce some fireworks from XI and a few whimpering from Joe. And yes sir, he is also going to, hmmm, maybe, might, should or could threaten sanctions on China if Xi does not get in line regarding Russia. The most the White House mouth would say is that some kind of response is on the table.

    The problem for Biden is that Xi seems to be heading in the opposite direction. The stiff-necked President of China would hardly want to be seen as a puppet on Joe Biden’s string. Despite the urging of the West, Xi has refused to condemn Russia for invading its neighbour and instead has pointed to NATO expansionist policies as a legitimate threat to Russian security.

    What’s more, China can go a long way in negating some of the effects of western sanctions and even directly supporting Russia, both economically and militarily. Biden would then be left with a decision to sanction China which will split the world effectively into two geopolitical camps, creating a crisis that will overwhelm the world.

    Although the mainstream media western propaganda suggests that China will weigh in on the side of the west due to trade relations, that China stands to lose too much, the fact is that the USA stands to lose a lot more in any tit for tat with the Chinese. The USA, as pointed out so blatantly in the Trump era, has outsourced most of its manufacturing to China. China also owns nearly all US Debt, owns enormous amounts of land in the US.

    The other danger to the USA is the ditching of the US Dollar as the reserve currency of the world by China, Russia and numerous OPEC countries ditching the Petro Dollar. Such action will devastate and bankrupt the USA.

    So, after poking the Russian Bear into a corner out of which it is retaliating, Biden is threatening the Chinese Tiger to manipulate them into toeing the line. Once again, the world leaders playing their mad geopolitical power games are hurtling the world into an apocalyptic nightmare from which there will be no return once the dice are cast.

    Still, the World Economic Forum’s leadership have been salivating over a great reset of the world’s economy. Resets always need a breakdown to become a reality and what better way to destroy the world economy to fix it than have a nice world war. That way the WEF plan for people to happily own nothing and eat bugs will come about that much quicker.

    Gentle Spearman
    In an era of propaganda and fake news, opinions do matter! I am writing my life's story - Awry! The Book. This website is dedicated to exploring the truth as I see it in an age when the truth is hard to find and even harder to pass it on to others.

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