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The Tales of

The Gentle Spearman of the Tattooed Warriors from the Ford at the River Craw

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We all have a story, after all, are we not all playing out our roles in the greatest play on the greatest stage, Life on Planet Earth.

Many books have indeed been written about the main theme of the book, but the context is unique. It is not a work of fiction, nor is it a self-help book. It is an examination of many things and revolves around one particular person, me, myself and I. Now it might be strange referring to one person as three selves, but bear with me, I will explain myself in a little bit.

The book catalogues my life that went Awry, went off course, that wandered away from the straight and narrow, from an early age, what I call in the book the Art of Awryness. Awryness is the sum of the adage; if anything can go wrong, it will. And yes, things went wrong in my life. As the book portrays, Awryness is infused in the fabric of reality, whether in the material world through the scientific law of entropy, the social world through the fallibility of error-prone human nature and the spiritual world where forces beyond nature are at play. The book is an attempt at finding the answers to the ultimate questions of existence, purpose and destiny in my own life and thereby giving the readers some clues to their quest for the meaning of life.

For over 25 years, starting from the age of twelve, I used and became addicted to drugs, pharmaceutical drugs mostly along with vast quantities of dagga and the occasional use of LSD. My drug suppliers were people in white coats, medical doctors, pharmacists, psychiatrists and even state hospitals. The book explores all the issues of life; parenting, childhood, teen issues, social issues, medical ethics, the dangers of drugs, homelessness, destitution, mental health along with a splash of politics, race relations and some of the memorable moments and drama of the last decade of apartheid and the first of democracy from my perspective and experiences.

The book is filled with drama and lighter moments of humour, ups and downs, highs and lows, the ridiculous and the sublime, foolishness and wisdom, irrationality and reason, hopelessness and hope, darkness and light, hatred and love, sickness and health, life and death and ultimately the triumph over adversity.

The book is presented as numerous conversations with myself regarding the memories of my life and the experiences I went through from early childhood. I narrate the memories as the Author Who Art At His Desk. I then give context to the memory by having a conversation type debate between me (Gentle) and my somewhat obnoxious Alter Ego (Spearman), often a combative and contradictory exchange between these two sides of my personality depicted in the meaning of my first name; Gentle Spearman. Like any conversation or debate, there are plenty of ‘bunny trails, rabbit holes, merry go rounds, goose chases, banter and hopefully a few laughs for the readers along the way.

Awry will be Self-Published sometime in the southern hemisphere winter of 2022.

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